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Protecting Your Home With Soffit & Fascia

We provide commercial & residential soffit and fascia installs. We custom bend metal fascia to cover the wood sub-fascia in order to protect it from the elements in our Florida environment. This provides a clean look all while eliminating the need to paint the fascia ever again and extending the life of the wood around the eve of the house.


Why Do We Install & Repair Soffit & Fascia?


We will customize your gutters to your home.

You might have a beautiful exterior, but you need the right gutters to tie your aesthetic together. Taylor Gardner Gutters & Exteriors Inc. will create custom gutters that match your house and your roof. When you reach out to Taylor Gardner Gutters & Exteriors, we will:

  • Meet with you to provide a free estimate

  • Inspect the installation site and clear any obstructing trees

  • Offer you over 20 different color options to choose from

  • Bring a full-service crew to your home to begin the installation

  • Hand-craft each cornerpiece

  • Run a complete test to make sure everything works properly


Trust our team to protect your home and family.

Our team of trusted local experts at Taylor Gardner Gutters & Exteriors has extensive experience performing gutter repairs and replacements.

We’ll be there to:

  • Repair any leaks

  • Strip out the rotten sealant and replace it

  • Fix underground drains

  • Unclog downspouts

  • Seal cracks

  • Ensure the safety of your home & family

Call Us Today For A Quote

We’re here to help! Simply call 813-515-0844 to discuss your requirements. 

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